Edo is studying, practicing and teaching the combination of traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga As Medicine and Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine). He chose this integrated pathway because all three of these disciplines are old, time-tested holistic practices which aim to purify and strengthen the body, create energy, calm the mind, refine the breath, balance the mind and body, promote health and brighten the Spirit. Edo believes that as long as one has an open mind and a willingness to participate, Yoga is accessible to everyone. He Got the "Senior Yoga Teacher" from Yoga Alliance UK and Europe since 2013. Beside that he is one of the founder of Devdan Yoga International and now he is traveling around the world to spread the Love and Magic of Yoga..





Sofia graduated as a pediatrician from one of the best Medical Universities in Europe - Danylo Halytsky Medical University. She started practicing yoga at 2013 in Lviv, after one year of practise she deeply felt in love with yoga and took a Level 1 Devdan Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 in Sumy (Ukraine). Now she is actively teaching and spreading the knowledge of yoga anatomy, human physiology and kinesiology in Europe and Asia.



Martin danced ballet for more than 20 years and fell in love with Yoga after he got introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga by his first teacher Dicky Sulistiyo. This style of yoga has enabled Martin to do rigorous and discipline daily self practise.
Martin is a 200 hours RYT at Yoga Alliance after completing 200hr with LearnYoga@GG (Deera & Noah Maze). He is also graduated from YogaMix TT by Slamet Riyanto and has completed Ashtanga TT with David Swenson.
Martin is one of the founder of BOGOR YOGA FAIR and Bogor Yoga Community and actively teaching yoga at MarTasya Yoga Shala Bogor with his beloved wife Tasya Dante.

Tasya Dante started her yoga practice on May 2011 and felt in love with it since then. A year after continous practice, she took 120hrs teacher training with Yoga Mix managed by Master Slamet Riyanto. After graduated she started to open a community classes at her home with donation fee. Along the time, the community became larger, so with her husband Martin Elianto, one of famous ashtangi in Indonesia, she decided to manage a humble shala called Martasya Yoga Shala in the heart of Bogor, West Java.
A journey of learning still continues. She also took RYT 200hrs Hatha Yoga with Yogamaze by Noah Maze, 100hrs Yin Yoga with Sebastian Pucelle, 30hrs Kids Yoga with Yoga Leaf by Pujiastuti Sindhu, 30hrs Prenatal Yoga with Yoga Leaf by Pujiastuti Sindhu and other workshops such as zenthai, acro yoga, therapy, etc.
Now she is taking RPYT Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga with Bliss Baby Byron Yoga by Jennifer Allen, traditional Markandeya Yoga with Guru Made Sumantra, also deephening Yin Yoga with Jo Phee.
Her goal is to share yoga with others by teaching, organizing special classes, workshops, teacher trainings, festivals with qualified teachers. She is also one of the founder of annual event Bogor Yoga Fair. Yoga has changed her life. May this yoga path will bring positive energy for others. Namaste.






Martin and Tasya





Irene is a stott pilates student and 200 Hour Registered DevdanYoga Teacher. She learned pilates for the first time because she had injury in cervical spine. And because of the injury, she's trying to learn more about movements in pilates and yoga to avoid worse situation for body. So after she's found out that Devdan yoga is one of the yoga institute with lots of options for therapy, she became member of Devdan teaching team in Yoga as Medicine subject.
Beside that she is the founder of Berich Private Studio, the first private studio in the town which provides pilates and yoga classes.



Jaqueline has been practicing yoga since 2008. Afterwards she began her journey into yoga by attending various workshops. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Devdan Yoga International and since then has enjoyed sharing and teaching yoga at Berich Private Studio. Beside practicing and sharing yoga she is also a Food Combining expert since she graduated Food Technology Program. Since 2014 she became member of the Devdan Yoga teaching Faculty in Theraphy and Food Combining Subject.









Denny "has been dragged" into yoga since 2012, he was so passionate about Ashtanga Yoga and practiced nearly everyday with his wife Lina. Besides yoga he loves other sports such as gymnastic, acrobatic, handbalance and calisthenic. He then combines them to aid his yoga practice. He had attended various yoga workshops and finished his 200hr Devdan TTC in 2013. He teaches at Marion Studio Kediri and since early 2015 he started his Instagram account @denny_yoga for sharing his yoga practice and motivating people around the world to do yoga. Denny specializes in yoga movement, power transition and body awareness.



Deddy was born and raised in Jambi – Indonesia. Since small he had a passion for healthy living and an active lifestyle. Deddy finished his bachelor degree in Sriwijaya University – Palembang with Cumlaude predicate and Master of Management  Degree in Jambi University  with Cumlaude predicate also. Deddy loves reading and sports activity. He was active in fitness for 10 years and in 2014 he was first introduced to yoga in Sport club in Jambi. Deddy started focus in yoga and soon opened his own yoga studio in Jambi named “ Studio Matahari Yoga “. Deddy took several yoga workshops and teacher trainings in Indonesia  and luckily he got a chance to attend 200 H Yoga Teacher Training in Devdan Yoga International in Surabaya as a scholarship student.
Deddy's style is fun, energetic and challenging. Now he is trusted by Devdan Yoga International to be one of the faculty team and prepared to spread his passion and  knowledge in yoga.









Rista instantly fell in love with yoga since her first practice in January 2007. That was beginning of her yoga journey. After completing 50 hours Yin yoga teacher training by Sebastian Pucelle, she took her first 200 hours TT at Indonesia Yoga School by Koko Yoga. She also took 30 hours Prenatal yoga with Pujiastuti Sindhu, 75 hours Yogamix with Slamet Riyanto and 200 hours Devdan Yoga. And attended many workshops.

Rista loves to share her practice and knowledge about slow gentle yoga such as yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga for therapy.

With her friends in Yoga n Yoga studio (Surabaya) Rista organizes many workshops with qualified teachers and she actively teaches at her studio Cinta Yoga Sidoarjo with deep love.



Harta began his yoga journey in 2014. He has now approached yoga in a different frame of mind aware of where it can take beyond the physical aspects of asanas. Guiding students to self-empowerment is the goal of all his teaching purpose.

He is a yoga practitioner completing his 200 h TTC with Devdan Yoga International in 2016. Being part of Devdan brings a whole new level of meaning to Yoga. He is now a registered yoga teacher (Associate Level-1) with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Considered as a new yoga teacher, but he is able to share and convey all his knowledge to wider members instilling a love of yoga in them with his skill, passion and compassion.









Jeffri got to know yoga in 2014 and was immediately intrigued by how it challenged him in completely different ways in his life. Initially he saw yoga as a way to improve strength, focus and flexibility but he learnt that yoga’s transformative powers extend not just to the body but also to the mind. His own practice and teaching are fundamental part of his life.
In 2016, he decided to take TTC conducted by Devdan Yoga International and completed his 200 h TTC. He feels privileged to have studied with Devdan Yoga and continues to deepen his knowledge. He is now registered as Associate Level -1 with Yoga Alliance Professionals. He has been teaching yoga with love and sharing the energy and positive vibes to people. He expects that yoga can change other people's life, bring joy & happiness and also promote a healthy daily life.






Olena started her practice 5 years ago. At the beginning she was learning by her own, but very soon she felt that yoga has become part of her life and she wants to learn more from experienced teachers. She started to attend different lectures and workshops. It made Olena love yoga even more. The moment came when she desired to share her knowledge with others. She completed teacher training programs in Dariia Koriakina yoga school and Devdan Yoga International school and became certified yoga teacher. For Olena, yoga is kind of assistant in everything she does. It has completely changed her outlook on life, on conflicts and obstacles. Yoga has in fact transformed Olena into energetic, physically and emotionally strong and positive person. She keeps practicing and because of that she keeps seeing her life potential. Due to her own experience, Olena believes that yoga is not just physical exercise, but rather practice which brings balance and harmony to every human life.